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Letter To Our Pellet Customers

Dear wood pellet fuel customers: This winter the pellet stove and pellet fuel business was affected by low heating oil prices and by a very warm winter; remember it was 70 degrees on Christmas Eve? The demand for pellets dropped as many homeowners with pellet heaters found it easier and cheaper to just turn up their wall thermostats and burn oil or natural gas.

As a result of current market conditions many manufacturers of pellets, including our premier brand Hamer, have halted or severely limited their pellet fuel production. Manufacturers warn us that next winter, if oil prices spike and if we get cold weather, sudden demand may exceed supply.

During a typical off-season we recommend that our pellet stove customers buy their fuel early to take advantage of reduced pricing. This same strategy applies to those of you who burn wood stoves – buy next years fuel now. This Spring and Summer we advise that you purchase at least a ton or two of fuel and take immediate delivery. It is your only sure-fire guarantee that you will have pellets to burn next winter.

Please consider ordering your pellets soon. We are accepting early buy orders through May 7, 2016. We need interest from at least fifty of our customers in order to purchase truckloads of pellet fuel now, at very attractive prices, and pass the savings on to you.

- William Ryan

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